Take’em as They Come

Twitter was very good to me this week. I stumbled upon two very interesting Tweets that finally got me back to blogging.

The first Tweet was a picture that has been making the rounds on Twitter thanks to a few sports reporters. It was a card passed out to New York Jets players and coaches to help deal with the media. On one side, the side in the Twitter pic obviously, the title Jets Media Bridges is followed by a short list of responses. Here’s a look at the list…

jets media badge

All I can say is ‘wow.’ Can you imagine Mark Sanchez or Santonio Holmes in the middle of a media scrum holding that card and glancing at it after every question? Or, maybe they’re supposed to memorize the card like their playbook?

This could give people a reason to watch Jets games this season at least. For the pre and post-game interviews I mean. That Jets are going to be awful once again so not many people will be watching for the football. Unless you like watching train wrecks of course. Although, the interviews could end being train wrecks as well if the Jets players stick to the script now that we know what the script is.

I can almost picture it. “Hey Mark, what did you think of your performance tonight?” Sanchez subtly looks at his note card and replies “Let me answer you by saying it was a better performance than last season’s game when I ran into my own offensive lineman and fumbled. Another thing to remember is that I only threw two interceptions instead of my customary three or four.”

The “media bridges” are supposed to be used to let an interviewee direct the interview back to their own message. It’s only the first step though. You still need to be trained on what the message is. It doesn’t matter if you direct the message away from where the reporter is trying to go if you fall into another trap.  It would be like getting out of the way of a speeding car only to step in front of a bus.

The media bridges card had better be step one in a bigger plan by the Jets communications team. If not, the Jets’ season off the field and in front of the press could end up being as bad as their season is expected to be on the field.

The other Tweet that caught my eye this week was a quote posted by one of the many Toronto Blue Jays’ fans I follow. It was a line from the Shakespeare play Measure for Measure, one of the few plays by the Bard that I had not read or seen performed.

“Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.”

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post on doubts and fears for a while now and Shakespeare has practically summed it up in one line. Coincidentally, when the line happened to scroll past on my Twitter feed that morning I was having the same feeling of doubt on the project I was working on.

Fear and doubt can be a great motivator at times, but it can also be a huge roadblock if you can’t overcome it. Maybe it’s because I’ve only been out of school for a few months, but when I’ve been given a task lately whether it was on my internship or at my new job a number of times what pops into my head is “how the hell am I going to do that?” Or sometimes even, “can I do that?” That’s not a completely new reaction as I used to feel the same way at times back when I was a reporter and a writer. Not as often, but then again I did have more experience at the time.

Doubt’s a funny thing. I’ve found in talking with people over the years most people seem to have more doubts about themselves than other people do. After all, if someone thought you couldn’t do something, why would they ask you to do it in the first place? Unless they’re truly evil and setting you up to fail, but I think those people are few and far between in the real world.

Maybe I should get the Shakespeare line tattooed on my arm and use it as a little reminder every time those lingering doubts rear their evil head. Sticking the line “Take’em as They Come” on the end of it might work too.

My fear of needles may nix the tattoo idea, but I can still keep in the back of my mind. That should do the trick as well. I don’t doubt that at least.

If I could take all your sorrow so that you’d never cry, girl, or be blue
(Come tomorrow, girl)
That’s what I’d do for you, pretty one
I swear I’ll take ’em baby when they come

mark sanchez sucks


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